YouTube MP3 Downloader Tutorial

Step 1 - Download YouTube MP3 Downloader

Download YouTube MP3 Downloader from the official download link:

Step 2 - Install & Run YouTube MP3 Downloader

Double click on downloaded EXE File to start installation. The installation is fast and easily, just click on "NEXT" button to install. Then click on the YouTube MP3 Downloader Icon when the installation finished.

youtube mp3 downloader

Step 3 - Go to

Open your browser and visit Select a favorite video and copy its url.

youtube mp3 downloader

Step 4 - Select a File Format to Save As

Now "Add New Download" Window jumped out. You can select your favorite file format from the Format List, MP3, HD MP4, WMV or WMA etc.

Step 5 - Start Downloading!

Click on "Download" Button to start downloading. You will hear a "ding" sound when downloading finished.

youtube mp3 downloader